Testifying Expert Witness - Insurance Bad Faith Suit.  Testimony.

Fee Schedule

Published Fee Schedule - Insurance Bad Faith Expert Services

$175.00 Portal-to-portal travel time plus actual expenses 

$300.0  Reviewing, report drafting, consulting, preparing, meeting, and attendending mediations, arbitrations, trials, and depositions of others

$350.00 Testimony (arbitration, deposition and trial, four hour minimum payable in advance) 

$2,750.0  Minimum Charge 

$5,000.00  Evergreen Retainer; unused portion, if any, fully refundable at conclusion of the assignment.

$250.00  Expert Designation Fee per matter. Credited toward fee if retained. Please do not list or designate me as your expert unless this fee has been paid first. Thank you.

Disclosure Fee

Low Designation Fee.  Only $250.00 paid before you disclosure me as your expert.

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