Co-working Space Dedicated to Attorneys Only


The ethical rules pertaining to attorneys, and special training and experience, demand privacy in all matters related to client service.  This includes locked file cabinets, code-enabled printers, and soundproof rooms for telephone calls and client meetings.  No other co-working space in Austin caters to the attorney profession.  Call for more information today, or to reserve your spot for our upcoming attorney co-working location.


Attorneys understand the need for confidentiality in client dealings.  They also understand that co-working with non-attorneys can create client confusion as to who is an attorney and who represents them, you, or everyone working in your space.  The bar is very specific in avoiding the appearances of partnerships with non-attorneys, and a misstep could cost you your license.  You can rest in the assurance that an attorney-specific co-working space can achieve all of your office space or desk space objectives, without sacrificing ethical obligations to your clients.


You will appreciate the convenience of private offices, private conference rooms, dedicated desks, shared or hot desks, and, if the right space can be secured, the convenience of an on-site  deposition room and reporter that can be reserved with 48 hours notice. 

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